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Our extreme specialization gives us greater access to the most talented software engineers and developers.

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Contingency-based Recruiting for Developers and Software Engineers.

Based out of the the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we’re now serving Chicago, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Developer Positions we specialize in…

Front End

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, CMS platforms and more…

Back End

Strong understanding of server-side programming languages and frameworks.

Full Stack

Competent in all stages of web development, from initiation to deployment.


Crafts a unique user experience. Usually has strong development background and familiar with wireframes, flow diagrams, information architecture, and usability testing


Specializes in a single language (Javascript, AngularJS, PHP, etc…) or a specific platform like native mobile applications (iOS, Android)

Team Leaders

Technical Architects, Program Managers, and Lead Software Engineers

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2017 Job Growth Estimates

Anticipated Tech Job Growth by Position for 2017.
Web Development
Computer Systems Analyst
Information Security Analyst
Software Engineer
Data Scientist
Network and Computer Systems Administrator

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